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HOW Does A Good DJ ADAPT Music For Each Client?

Posted on January 25, 2018 at 12:10 AM

How Does A Good DJ Adapt Music For Each Client?From Portland Dj Dan Weisman 1/24/2018

      FIRST: Interview Your Clients 

Find Out What THEIR Vision for their event is and what specific styles, artists and songs do THEY enjoy the most?  Hello? Listen first. Talk second. Paying clients really appreciate that.  

         Second: Find songs and artists in your DJ Library that compliment your client'schoices and organize your playlist into two categories: EX:Cocktail/Dinner Hour and Dancing Selections. 

            Third: Observe your audience for the demographic categories  you think they best represent such as age ranges, ethnicities, wardrobes and so on. EX: If there is a large number of young teen girls you'd be wise to have some Taylor Swift selections! 

     Fourth: Always remember your paying clients' song requests first!

     Fifth: Observe, Stay Positive, relaxed, FOCUSED & execute clean, tight segues between songs that will feel good to your audience and remember to  and go with your instincts. always WHEN MIXING KEEP ONE EAR ON THE HEADPHONES AND THE THE FREE EAR ON HOW THE AUDIENCE EXPERIENCES HEARS YOUR MIX... They will tell you how you're doing.  (Especially when they scream with delight when you slide that next song into the mix with stealthy skill.)

     Sixth: Throughout the event ask yourself this: "What song would go great with the one I'm playing right now?" Cue it up.

     Seventh: Be Generous & be willing to break from your pre-planned list to create spontaneity by tossing in a request quickly! (Your choice is not always the best one even though YOU think it is.) It's often the spark that ignites a fresh song direction to take your audience.

     Eighth: Remind the client that on average you can play about 20 songs per hour so avoid a huge list. Get their 20 favorites and encourage them to trust you with the rest.

     NINTH: When you don't have a song pull it down from the internet sky via You Tube. Problem Solved!

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