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SAGE ADVICE from Veteran, Award Winng Party DJ and MC Dan Weisman.  Written to help potential clients make sound decisions when hiring a professional DJ for the first time.

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     The KEY to playing music for any audience is to play songs they know and love . .  Period.  Dj's who who don't understand this concept or think they can selfishly force an audience to like his music choices will not work very long in this service industry.

    Think about it. You grow up enjoying YOUR favorite music (whatever generation you belong to . . and now you are attending a fun evening and the DJ plays unrelatable and inappropiate  or unknown music and songs which bring you little or no joy.  You're all dressed up and having no fun.

     In the correct scenerio the DJ keeps rocking YOUR hits song after song after song . . . see  the difference?  That takes skill and saavy and knowledge and an understanding of what serving great music adapted to the demographics of an audience can create . .  a wonderful event!
So before you say "I DO!" Make sure your DJ can say: "I DO know the relatable songs your audience will enjoy!"

It's OK to Negotiate For Services!

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Most people rarely shop for DJ Services so here's some sage advice:

You KNOW you want an evening of exceptional music from start to finish because it's the key ingredient of 'Feel Good' enjoyment shared by all your guests every moment. Music is THE inclusive aural glue which reaches across generations and touches all attending from young to old from the ceremony to the last dance.  So will the DJ deliver a great evening of songs and how much are you willing to pay for those services? 

1st: Check the Market values for what reputable professionals charge. . . 

2. Determine what your budget can allow.

3. Vet your vendors and get a 'vibe' on them over the phone. If they seem like a good fit let the the negotiations begin!  

4. Different DJ services have 'minimum' starting prices and hours they just won't go below ranging up to deluxe packages.

5. Because some companies have set prices they prefer to offer doesn't prevent YOU from asking "Is there any wiggle room on your fees?

6. If they say: No.. then determine if you can or can't afford them . . .  if they say 'Yes' then both of you can workout a fee agreement you BOTH will be happy to settle on.

7.  When both parties are happy that's a good basis for laying the groundwork for a positive outcome.

8. If you think 'Alexa' and a rented speaker system can deliver a memorable evening of music . . . prepare for a ho hum, below average result. Period. Neglecting the music atmosphere for your big day is like serving a wedding cake without frosting.

9. Remember. Like any professional service, All Djs are NOT created equally.

Sincerely,  Portland Dj Dan - 2 Time Winner 'Best Dj Award'

HOW Does A Good DJ ADAPT Music For Each Client?

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How Does A Good DJ Adapt Music For Each Client?From Portland Dj Dan Weisman 1/24/2018

      FIRST: Interview Your Clients 

Find Out What THEIR Vision for their event is and what specific styles, artists and songs do THEY enjoy the most?  Hello? Listen first. Talk second. Paying clients really appreciate that.  

         Second: Find songs and artists in your DJ Library that compliment your client'schoices and organize your playlist into two categories: EX:Cocktail/Dinner Hour and Dancing Selections. 

            Third: Observe your audience for the demographic categories  you think they best represent such as age ranges, ethnicities, wardrobes and so on. EX: If there is a large number of young teen girls you'd be wise to have some Taylor Swift selections! 

     Fourth: Always remember your paying clients' song requests first!

     Fifth: Observe, Stay Positive, relaxed, FOCUSED & execute clean, tight segues between songs that will feel good to your audience and remember to  and go with your instincts. always WHEN MIXING KEEP ONE EAR ON THE HEADPHONES AND THE THE FREE EAR ON HOW THE AUDIENCE EXPERIENCES HEARS YOUR MIX... They will tell you how you're doing.  (Especially when they scream with delight when you slide that next song into the mix with stealthy skill.)

     Sixth: Throughout the event ask yourself this: "What song would go great with the one I'm playing right now?" Cue it up.

     Seventh: Be Generous & be willing to break from your pre-planned list to create spontaneity by tossing in a request quickly! (Your choice is not always the best one even though YOU think it is.) It's often the spark that ignites a fresh song direction to take your audience.

     Eighth: Remind the client that on average you can play about 20 songs per hour so avoid a huge list. Get their 20 favorites and encourage them to trust you with the rest.

     NINTH: When you don't have a song pull it down from the internet sky via You Tube. Problem Solved!

Hiring a DJ? Consider These Ideas Before Choosing:

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ALL DJ's Are Not Created Equally:  1/24/2018

From Portland Mobile Dj Dan Weisman


     Every party deserves a DJ who can, like a veteran pro quarterback, read the defense, call an audible at the line of scrimmage, and throw for the deep touchdown. .  In Other Words: Adapt his music to their needs at the precise moment.

   Of course I have thousands of songs and GREAT SOUND SYSTEMS for large or intimate parties like my competition. But, when hiring a DJ for your event, it ain't just the equipment that matters . . . it's the DJ at the controls that matters. Consider this Captain Sully metaphor:

It's The Seasoned DJ-PILOT at the controls that makes ALL the difference in your event's outcome.

Q:  Will your party passengers be, musically speaking, forced to listen to a disjointed, bizarre collection of poorly chosen and poorly mixed songs OR will they experience the pleasure of a smooth, joy filled musical journey song after song after song?

HOW exactly does an adaptable DJ earn his wings?  

(See my next blog!)


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